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From function-first sites to design and artwork that simply conveys a feeling, the best sites have a look that serves their purpose. A great design will take a visitor and turn them into a lead and finally into a customer by addressing THEIR needs while delivering YOUR message.

Digital Marketing

Our Web Design Expertise

Websites are a little like business signs. The designs possibilities are endless, but there are aspects that are universally true. This is the heart of what we call UX/UI - User Experience and User Interface. Years of experience have taught us some universal truths about site design. We will help you design a classy, modern site that reflects your brand and provides an exceptional experience for the end user.

Digital Marketing

Success is Mutual

As the creator of one of your most important marketing tools, our success is tied to your success. If we make you a website does a killer job of promoting your brand and driving sales, you continue to trust us with your website needs. You might even recommend us to your friends. We view each of our clients as a partner in our own business. We win together or we lose together, and we love to win.

Effective Digital Marketing
Means Staying a Step Ahead

In fact, keeping up with the latest technologies, trends, and SEO tactics is a full time job by itself. Take a look at the video on the left.above. We're wiling to bet you just learned at least one thing you didn't know, and that was just a taste of some of the elements of web design!

At Advent Designs, we do what we do best so that you are free to do what you do best.

Effective Digital Marketing
Staying a Step Ahead

In fact, keeping up with the latest technologies, trends, and SEO tactics is a full time job by itself. Take a look at the video on the left.above. We're wiling to bet you just learned at least one thing you didn't know, and that was just a taste of some of the elements of web design!

At Advent Designs, we do what we do best so that you are free to do what you do best.

Style and Function

Meeting Your Goals

We produce websites that combine an efficient structure with a style that reflects your company and appeals to your audience. The goal is to convey your brand message quickly and clearly. All of our websites are built to look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices (see mobile-friendly design), and all of our websites are built using SEO best practices to ensure that you can maximize your search engine rankings. A strong foundation not only helps your immediate performance but also will save you much heartache and money in the future. Which brings us to...

Introducing Joomla

So let's talk about that foundation. Building your site on a Content Management System (CMS) ensures that your site can grow along with your business. It provides a very easy way for content (blog articles, additional site pages) and functionality (ecommerce, user registration, etc.) to be added down the road. Using a common CMS also means that many features such as SEO optimizations, site security, and user management are either built-in or easily added, reducing costs substantially. Why reinvent the wheel?

We generally build our sites on the Joomla CMS. Joomla is a popular, open-source CMS which means you can easily find developers who can work with your site. Why Joomla over Wordpress or Drupal? Joomla hits the sweet spot between ease of use and flexibility/power. Wordpress is the easiest to use but at the expense of overall customization and functionality. Drupal offers the most advanced features but at the expense of development time/cost. Using Joomla allows us to provide you with custom designs and powerful features that would cost much, much more to develop for Wordpress or Drupal. Is your existing site already built on Wordpress? No problem. Migrating content between CMS's is generally a simple procedure.

What About E-Commerce?

From sites offering subscription services to custom content to massive online stores with hundreds of products and categories, we built ecommerce sites that allow you to easily manage inventory, add/remove products, and manage content such as blogs. Depending on the size of your store and product/checkout options you need, we will either use Joomla or Magento as a base for your site.

Security / Reliability / Compatibility

Protecting you and your clients' data is of paramount importance. We offer security features such as SSL encryption, firewalls with country-blocking, and multi-factor authentication in order to keep your information safe. Our code utilizes HTML5, CSS3, up-to-date javascript, and maintains W3C compliance. We make sure the site looks great and functions properly on any device and in 95% of browsers (minimum).

Our sites have a great track record with regards to uptime. We offer multiple backup and maintenance plans that will ensure your business doesn't miss a beat in the unlikely event of an outage.

Price and Value

Admit it. You didn't read anything above this ;) We get it. So let's talk about website costs, price, and your bottom line. The short answer is that there is no short answer. Every company's needs and goals are different. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to web design. Your website is an investment, and our goal is to provide you the maximum return on that investment. A "cheap" website that doesn't generate traffic or doesn't convert visitors into customers is a terrible investment. Likewise, an expensive website with average performance is also not ideal.

Our philosophy: Be the best value.


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  • Digital Marketing & SEO

    Be found and drive business growth. Successful SEO takes serious work, fortitude and fresh relevant content creating long term ROI. We know that strategy and diligence are necessary to gain traction and see results. We understand how to produce measurable results in the ever changing online space. We build engagement.

  • Web Design & Development

    Your brand image should influence a perception and create an impression of your business abilities, and we want you to shine. Advent develops websites and e-commerce platforms that uniquely communicate who you are, demonstrate why you’re important, drive business growth and profitability and visually get noticed with mind-boggling design. We build brand image.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We are lead generation machines who build brand ambassadors. Engage audiences across social media platforms by capitalizing on paid media, owned media and earned media. Our team specializes in the power of Facebook and Social Media Advertising. When campaigns are managed strategically they drive business growth and revenue. Get ready to convert clicks into customers.

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    We offer video production services ranging from Vlog content to commercials to corporate training. You no longer have to have a massive advertising budget to have high quality videos made. We have the tools and the experience to help you bring your video concept to life.

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