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Johnson Chiropractic

Johnson Family Chiropractic is located in Memphis, TN and serves a wide range of patients and ailments. 

There is a lot of competition when it comes to chiropractic websites, but fortunately none of the competition is a match for a professional SEO firm who can put time into that client as individual the same way they do for their patients. 

Well over 75% of the chiropractic websites out there are provided by the same three firms. They all have the same content and basically just change out the logos and addresses in order to provide the practice with a turnkey website. This philosophy may be great if you are buying a dishwasher or some other generic product, but when it comes to a website, this is the worst idea ever.

The main goal of a search engine is to provide the person searching with the best possible results. There is zero reward for offering it content that already exists elsewhere. In fact, this behavior is more likely to result in a penalty, especially if the information is not cited properly (and it never is). Our solution? 100% unique content. Combine that with other SEO efforts that the competition is ignoring, and it's really not hard to become #1 in most markets.

„It is unbelievable the way Advent was able to boost out site traffic! We used to get a couple of new patients each month from the website, and now we have to turn down the calls which come in several times a day.“

- Dr. Reed Johnson -

Don't waste money on a cookie cutter site for your medical practice. The investment in quality is one you will only regret not having done sooner.

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